Matshidiso Chabane

Senior Programme Manager


Tshidi Chabane is an experienced Clinical Associate with Advanced HIV Clinical Management and pursuing her Master’s in Public Health. She is leading the South African key populations programme focusing on Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) and the Transgender Women programme in South Africa, known as POP INN clinics. Having worked within the HIV prevention programmes for over 8 years and am a member of the South African HIV Clinicians Society and Key Populations Task Working Group.

Before working at the Aurum Institute, Tshidi was a Project Manager with 5 years’ of experience in Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision, Quality Assurance, VMMC Training, and Community HIV Testing Services. She accomplished multiple Quality Assurance assessments for General Practitioners, NGOs, and Department of Health facilities across South Africa for both CHAPS and The Aurum Institute.

She is an expert in Continuous Quality Improvement.

Tshidi is a pioneer in establishing daily oral PrEP and Event-Driven PrEP implementation for Men who have Sex with Men and Transgender Women in South Africa and created the brand POP INN, after which the key population clinics are named.

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