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“Coming from a family where no one is working and with no money for data. I have been able to apply for jobs using the office Wi-Fi. I was shortlisted at a call centre and used the office to scan my documents and send after being accepted. Access to Wi-Fi has assisted me in getting a job and being able to now take care of myself and family.” – Robert

“This is a space where I get to be myself. Even when I am sad I do not hide my feelings here as it feels like home. It where I get to be honest about who I am and how I feel. It a place where I am able to breathe and let loose.” – Boipelo

“I have been on prep since early 2019 and I will not stop prep as it serves as a sense of security for me and makes me feel like I am in control of my health. All the staff members are welcoming and the case manager makes sure to call me for my appointment in case I forget. I do not see myself stopping prep anytime soon.” – Victor

“The reimbursement for transport assist in us being able to make it to the office for our session. If we did not have it we would not be able to come and socialise, learn and support one another.” – Thabang

“The co-group meeting makes me feel like I am not alone and I have community which is like me and open to provide me with support. I have made new friends in the group and I have learnt a lot.” – Fiona

“My experience with Kerry the Psychologist was very empowering. It also made me realise that indeed taking hormones is what I have been wanting. Over and above that she was able to make me face some of my skeletons I thought to have left in the past. Thank you so much Pop inn for starting such an important and empowering initiative” – Lulu

“I have had two sessions with Kerry and every time I walk out of our session, I feel refreshed. This is more important than I thought it was. I came to the first session just so I can get assistance with getting hormones but I have gained so much more from this session and it is not only about getting hormones but my emotional and psychological well-being” – Lilantia

“The session was so empowering and even in a spiritual level. I came there thinking about hormones but came out learning so much about myself and even my shortfalls. After these sessions, I have received a sense of clarity and the bonus part is I will be getting my new ID with the correct pronoun (she).” – Luyanda

“The sessions have been amazing and very helpful. I am still trying to figure out things and this is really assisting with that. I believe all will be fine and I hope Pop inn continues to help others like they have with me.” – Andile

“Starting ART at the facility has made life easy for me as a hidden MSM because the space is never full and I will not be bumping into my neighbours. Even during the strict COVID-19 movements the staff came to my place to give me my drugs and ensure I have access. My experience with pop inn have been nothing short of amazing.” – Victor